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Adonis Puentes


Adonis Puentes

Adonis’ music bridges generations and cultures with a charisma and delivery that shines brighter than life in intimate or full-blown arrangements, from solo performances with piano or guitar accompaniment to fronting orchestras.

Even Juan de Marcos, one of the masterminds behind the Buena Vista Social Club project and leader of the groundbreaking Afro-Cuban Allstars calls Adonis, ‘Verdadero Sonero,’ ‘A True Sonero’. To date, Adonis has shared stages with illustrious Latin music legends like Celia Cruz, Oscar De Leon, Juan De Marcos and The Afro Cuban All Stars, Orlando Valle ‘Maraca,’ Cuban Timba All Stars, Pianist Hilario Duran, Jane Bunnett and Pancho Quinto.

Adonis thrives on the growth and acclaim for his original sonero sound. As he puts it, “I feel like a messenger of my roots and tradition, blessed that with me I have taken my music and heritage to many different places in the world; from Cuba, to Canada, USA, Mexico, Europe. My mission is to make you dance and enjoy my melodies and


“Adonis Puentes is a key personality in the ever expanding latin music scene.
He opens up the marvelous world of Cuban music to his audiences the second they hear his rich voice.
When the other players kick in with their tight, multilayered groove it becomes clear that in Adonis Puentes
we also have a bandleader with major cred.” Michael Juk,Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

“Puentes soars and glides effortlessly over his original material. His songs are fine examples of the kind of
singing Cuban performers are renown for, heartfelt and emotional and delivered with a simple elegance. Nobody does it better than Adonis Puentes.” Jim McElroy,

“This handsome young man with the weighty name moves through music with ease. He introduces his first tune playing bongos, then his smooth, solid voice flows forth naturally, like breathing. A performing musician from an early age, he is always reading the audience and reacting, inviting them into his sonic world, a world rooted in tradition, strong on Son with old-style boleros and rumbas – sensual, romantic and earthy.” Joyce Corbett, The Live Music Report, Toronto.